Why long ball?

No matter the business, every committed entrepreneur desires to have the risks and tireless work they invest validated through success.

Welcome to LongBallBlog, a chronicle of my continuing journey in the launch of S-T-M Axiom™, an enterprise software solution designed to enhance business process management efficiencies for highly-regulated industries. Over the next 10 weeks I will work alongside other innovators and company founders as one of five early-stage start ups selected to take part in the Rocky Mountain Innosphere’s Lean Launch Pad program.

What does long ball have to do with early stage start-ups and the Lean Start-up methodology? As with America’s Game, where the term ‘long ball’ applies to power hitters who consistently go to bat with the mindset of adding a double, triple, or home run to their box score; business leaders who engage in innovative long ball are swinging for the fences with the expectation of connecting on a disruptive technology or process.

No matter whether you are part of the 10% who take risks, and innovate large; or the other 90%, I invite you follow as I embark on a discovery process designed to hone ideas into viable business solutions.