Remember when boundaries were better defined?

Remember when boundaries were better defined? When there were titles referencing regional economic differentiators that grade school children could easily memorize? If you are old enough you might recall: Northern Ohio, Southeast Michigan and Western Pennsylvania were known as the Rust Belt; the Midwest was the Grain Belt; and Northern California was known for Silicon Valley, a global leader in the development of electronic technology companies.

All that has changed, confronting geographic regions with a stark reality: Reinvent or die.

Private and state enterprise entrepreneurship programs have led the way in aiding with this reinvention process. As close as can be determined through records tracked by the National Business Incubator Association, in 2012 there were 1,250 startup incubators and accelerators in the United States to assist in the success of startups engaged in all forms of commerce. Among the top 15, according to Jonathan Shieber at TechCrunch, is Techstars in Boulder, Colorado.

Ranked second in the U.S. for innovative entrepreneurship by the U.S. Chamber, Colorado offers a unique composite of private/public entities formed to facilitate economic growth. Next week’s third annual Denver Startup Week will highlight many of those programs and, the successes that have resulted from these targeted initiatives. With so many excellent sessions scheduled, my only lament is that no one has perfected a system that might allow me to be in multiple places at the same time.